Name a THL Episode

We want you to name our free Thursday episodes! We’ve had some great Irish town/football combos so far from ‘Inverness Tallaghtdonian Thistle’ to ‘Burren Munich’ but can you go one better? Send us your suggestions below. We’ll pick one each week and give you a shout out on the podcast!

Episode names so far:

Shanagusset United, September 3rd 2020

Lokomotiv Lanesboro, September 10th 2020

Shakhtar Mulhuddart, September 17th 2020

Red Star Belmullet, September 24th 2020

Dynamo Balshaggy, October 1st 2020

Borussia Dundalk, October 8th 2020

The Crane Bar, Galway City, October 15th 2020

Crystal Piltown, October 22nd 2020

Atlético Macroom, October 29th 2020

PSV Enfield, November 5th 2020

Inter Mullingar, November 12th 2020

Zenith Saint Palmerstown, November 19th 2020

Deportivo Corrandulla, November 26th 2020

Hertha Balbriggan, December 3rd 2020

Gorting Lisbon, December 10th 2020

Rialto Madrid, December 17th 2020

West Maam United, December 24th 2020

Miami Dolphins Barn, December 31st 2020

Burren Munich, January 7th 2021

Achillético Madrid, January 14th 2021

Real Bettystown, January 21st 2021

Kinnegad and Tobago, January 28th 2021

Aughrim Hotspur, February 4th 2021

Manorhamilton Academicals, February 11th 2021

Fermanabace February, 18th 2021

Westportivo La Coruna, February 25th 2021

Bayer LeverCoosan, March 4th 2021

Espanyoughal, March 11th 2021

GalaCastletroy, March 18th 2021

BenFeakle, March 25th 2021

Inverness Tallaghtdonian Thistle, April 1st 2021

Borris St. Germain, April 8th 2021

A.C. Malin (Bonus Ep), April 12th 2021

Inter Naasionale, April 15th 2021

Tottenham HotsBirr (Bonus Ep), April 19th 2021

Tobercurry Hotspur, April 22nd 2021

Nottingham Foxford, April 26th 2021

Navan Cosmos, April 29th 2021

Slavia Partry (Bonus Ep), May 3rd 2021

LisdoonParma, May 6th 2021

Partryzan Belgrade (Bonus Ep), May 10th 2021

ArseNaul, May 13th 2021

Torpedo Leixlip (Bonus Ep), May 17th 2021

Milltown Malmo, 20th May 2021

Dynamo Kilkee (Bonus Ep) 24th May 2021

Paris Saint-Strabane 27th May 2021

Monacobh (Bonus Ep) 31/05/2021

L.A. Galawaxy 03/06/2021

Dun Chaoin’s Park Rangers (Bonus Ep) 7/06/2021

Spiddalsborough 10/06/2021

Rapid Virginia (Bonus Ep) 14/06/2021

Parmagh 17/06/2021

Maccabi Tulla Viv 21/06/2021

Vasco De Gowna 24/06/2021

Trabolganspor 28/06/2021

Liverpoolaphouca 05/07/2021

F.C. Copennavan – A Tribute To Freddie 08/07/2021

Locomotive Red Cow 12/07/2021

Knocka Juniors 15/07/2021

Killmarnock 19/07/2021

São Carlow 7/22/2021

Barnalona 26/07/2021

Henhousemuir 29/07/2021

Boholalona 02/08/2021

Fiorentynagh 09/08/2021

Glasgow Celbridge 12/08/2021

Nottingham Fossa 16/08/2021

Erris Saint Germain 19/08/2021

Tottenham Hotschull 23/08/2021

Democratic Republic of Cong 26/08/2021

Borussia Mullaghgladbach 30/08/2021

Tippswich Town 2/9/2021

Corofinaikos 9/9/2021

Baalavés 13/9/2021

T.R. Dallasidare 16/09/2021

Eintracht Burtonport 20/09/2021

Muffeldorf 23/09/2021

Middlesbruff 27/09/2021

ClougHannover 96 30/09/2021

Clifden Palace 04/10/2021

Dynamo Doonbeg 07/10/2021

Ardee Leipzig 11/10/2021

Free Palatine 14/10/2021

Kells Angels 18/10/2021

Knockmoranathinaikos 21/10/2021

Nobber Academicals 25/10/2021

Milton Keenagh 28/10/2021

Naasing Santander 1/11/2021

Fenit St Petersburg 4/11/2021

A jax 8/11/2021

Athletic Club Kilfenora 11/11/2021

Laytown Orient 15/11/2021

CSKA Mayo November 18/11/2021

Ballindooley Wanderers 22/11/2021

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